As a teen Asia moved from the West Coast to Atlanta, GA and now resides in Central Florida where she is a respected fitness trainer and life coach to many.Hundreds attended the final audition held at the Groove / Universal City Walk Orlando. Executive Producer Scott Messina spotted Asia and noticed the way she carried herself with poise and confidence. He handed her the microphone and cameras rolled just to she what she could do. Asia definitely did not disappoint! She was a natural and amazed the powers at be officially making her the first barcode-bombshell selected in the final process.


We asked Asia a couple of personal questions, and her answers were as follows:

Any Special Talents? – “I am pretty good belly dancer.”

Where do I see my self in five years?- “Hopefully everywhere, I love to travel and kind of go where ever the wind takes me. There really isn’t any master plan, when you work hard to be the best at what you do it always brings more opportunities to go further and do more. And when that one opportunity comes for me to move on, I will know!”

Why are you excited to be a part of the Barcode Bombshells? “Mainly because it was a great opportunity and I moved on it! Just to know that this group of girls and me are the FIRST barcode-bombshells is an honor. What this means is that we can do whatever we want (within legal limits) without having to compare ourselves to a previous group. We plan set the standards and expectations very high for all others to follow. The barcode-bombshells will travel, have fun, meet new people and play around with this awesome opportunity, which will make for great TV. In short, we are the first barcode-bombshells to bring the party, love, and freedom to the whole world and who wouldn’t be excited for that?”

We at are thrilled to have this hot, sexy and powerful leader as one of the original barcode-bombshells!


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