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Sponsorship Opportunities

BCUSA_distributionbar code USA is the perfect platform to introduce, promote, market and hype your brand, product or venue, On a local and national level the barcodeUSA brand is a declaration of excellent promoting brand awareness, tourism, lifestyle, entertainment and good times.We feature products, people and venues by generating “hype” and social media awareness with the help of the barcode-bombshells, providing great entertainment when applicable, and our Hollywood style production crew at each location we shoot.

Edited episodes of bar code USA (in addition to the live streaming of our tour in real time) fully encompasses everything social media related from live Tweets to Shazzam music info, Instagram feeds, Facebook posts Google Plus Circles, Pinterest, You Tube, Vimeo, LinkedIN and so on.  

barcodeUSA.tv increases its fan base (and yours) by repeatedly streaming each episode month after month, increasing visibility for local business while also offering a plethora of exposure and link juice online for everyone involved..

  Additional Marketing Opportunities and Ideas:

  • Utilizing bar code USA as a high profile performance based event designed to heighten brand awareness
  • Produce culturally relevant events that focus on the hot buttons of the culture and resonate with the target consumer.
  • Create positive experiential marketing initiatives featuring your brand
  • Enlist emerging artists and other well-known celebrities to drive traffic and activate the consumer
  • Promoting sponsor’s products using a wrapped Leer jet and /or tour bus that in effect serves as a “Traveling Billboard” and provides the perfect branding backdrop for on-premise events and the show itself.
  • Employing Distribution 360, including television, internet, street teams, e-mail blasts and various other marketing tactics, all with spaces for sponsorship opportunities

For more information please Email Us or call our headquarters at (407) 909-0403


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